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Dental Crowns & Bridges in Los Algodones

Our Happy Patients

Dr. Zuman is a great dentist. We've used him for several years, and have been pleased. The young women that staff his office are efficient, polite and skillful. They are gentle but quick when working in my mouth 👍

~ E.P. Lair

Dr. Zuman has been taking care of my husband’s dental needs for nearly 4 years, a full mouth of implants and we are very satisfied. We drive 3 hours each way to get to Fine Quality Dental, a really long drive but totally worth our time and energy. Another plus is that he was recommended to us by our local…

~ Devera Greger

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Protecting and reinforcing your teeth while addressing dental problems is what crowns and bridges are all about.

A dental crown is a custom-made prosthetic tooth that is used to cover a damaged tooth. It restores function while also strengthening and stabilizing the tooth. Dental bridges enhance the look of your smile by replacing the space left by a missing tooth.

Crowns and bridges are dental restorations that can help patients achieve their aim of having a beautiful smile as well as good oral health.

Our office is here to give the greatest dental care to folks in Los Algodones. Make an appointment with us now to begin your path to a healthier, more beautiful smile!

Dental Crowns

Crowns for teeth are cap-like restorations cemented over damaged teeth to repair their appearance and strengthen and protect them from further damage. They assist to keep dental implants, bridges, and damaged teeth from deteriorating.

Crowns can be made of many different materials, including porcelain, ceramic, gold, and other metals. Your dental crown is designed to appear, feel, and function exactly like natural teeth.

How do dental crowns work?

To create place for the dental crown, our experts must file your teeth and remove a portion of the enamel - more if decay is present. Then, we take impressions of your mouth to serve as a pattern for the crown.

The crown construction operation takes at least a few weeks, during which you must wear a temporary crown. Your temporary crown will be replaced with your final restoration at your second appointment.

Once you're happy with the results, our experts will cement the crown in place and make minor adjustments as needed. If properly cared for, dental crowns can last up to eight years.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are tooth replacement devices that look and feel like real teeth. This restoration, like an architectural bridge, employs abutments (supporting teeth) to secure the prosthetic tooth in the center. Bridges are classified into three categories:

Traditional bridge

Traditional bridges are used to bridge the gap between two healthy teeth. The teeth on each side of the gap aid in the retention of the bridge.

Cantilever bridge

If there are no healthy teeth on one (or both) sides to support the bridge, this kind is employed. These are frequently utilized in the rear of the mouth.

Maryland bridge

Instead of supporting teeth, a Maryland bridge replaces a missing tooth by connecting to a metal or porcelain framework. These are frequently utilized for the front teeth.

How do dental bridges work?

Once you've settled on the ideal bridge for your smile, our staff files and removes a little piece of enamel from your abutment teeth to create space for long-lasting dental crowns. He then takes impressions of your mouth to build your abutment crowns and false teeth.

Because bridge building takes at least two weeks, our specialists may be able to fit you for a temporary bridge. At your next appointment, this bridge will be removed and replaced with a permanent substitute.

Similar to how a dental crown is set, our team cements the bridge in place and makes small modifications as needed to restore function to your bite.

Dental Bridges & Crowns at Fine Quality Dental

Don't let a broken or missing tooth keep you from smiling with confidence! Come to our office in Los Algodones and let us help you restore your smile with dental crowns and bridges. Our experienced dentists will guide you through the process and help you achieve the best results. Contact us today to learn more and book your appointment – it's time to get your smile back!

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Excellent Customer Service

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We are looking forward to meeting you personally in our office where we are committed to providing you with the finest quality work and service in addition to great pricing. In our office, when dealing with your oral health, the overall value of your treatment is of prime importance, always making our best attempt to meet or exceed your expectations.

~ Charles Zuman, Dentist

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Happy Patients across all borders

Fine Quality Dental lives up to its name! I had a root canal and cavities filled all in a swift, clean, and professional manner. The staff is caring, warm, and friendly. They even applied vaseline to my dry lips! The prices can't be beat!

~ Tzery Goldstein

It was a nice experience. They were very professional. I had two crowns and a cavity to be taken care of. They did the work in 24 hours. And if I were to go to any dentist in Huntington Beach, it would have cost me almost triple.

~ Gary Gordon

We love Dr. Zuman, in Algondones. Mexico. He is a short walk over the Andrade Border Crossing. He is very knowledgeable, caring and uses other professionals if he doesn't have unique equipment.My husband and I have used him for quite a few procedures, including implants. Today I needed a sinus augmentation.

~ Carolyn Andrews

As someone who is terrified of the dentist, I can honestly say that Dr. Zuman is simply the best. He did extensive work in my mouth over several days and I never felt a thing while in his chair. His staff are all wonderful and kind, gentle and patient. I am extrordinarily glad I found him. He is not the…

~ Corinne McLuckie

I traveled from New Jersey to experience first hand what an amazing, professional, knowledgeable dentist Dr Zuman is . I was at first reluctant to make the trip but after experiencing my first day in his friendly office I am confident I made the right decision. I need extensive dental work including several implants and I am in the best…

~ Toby Wiederman

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