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MEXICO  (011-52) 658-517-7791  |  USA  480-264-9499

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Gentle Dentist with Great Staff, I'll be back in the next week for additional work. My Boyfriend had his 1st Root Canal & was very Happy with Results.

~ Kathy Bates

Dr. Zuman is kind, he explains everything as he goes along and has perfect English. His fees are very reasonable. I highly recommend him.

~ Lisa Martzke

As usual, another painless visit to Dr.Z. My wife and I have been coming to Dr. Z for a few years. Always good work. The cost here, has made it possible for my wife to have the teeth she needed. The implants, at the time we started, were 4 times cheaper here. We will be back!

~ Clean1

We have been patients of Dr Zuman for the past three years. We are pleased with the quality of his work and the caring professionalism of his staff. I would take 1/10 of 1 star away for the wait time in his office. The upside of the wait is the fact that he will take as much time as needed for each person.

~ Dave VanHeuvelen

I have been a patient of Dr. Zuman for about four years. I have had my share of dentists in the Palm Springs area and I am done with their shoddy, poor dental workmanship and exorbitant prices that they feel entitled to. I overcame my ignorance about dentists in Mexico. Dr. Zuman is very dedicated, conscientious, and honest not to mention his very impressive academic credentials. It has been a privilege to have my teeth repaired by Dr. Zuman.

His staff are very cordial and sincere. An easy walk from the border and an excellent Mexican restaurant is around the corner with the best enchiladas I have ever tasted! Phoenix Pharmacy provides quality pharmaceutical products.

~ Alan Lawrence

Dr Zuman and his staff were kind, attentive, and extremely accommodating. I was in a lot of pain and they were able to work me in the very next day for dental work. I highly recommend Fine Quality Dental!!!

~ Jodi Browning

Dr Zuman is a no fush Fine Quality Dentist, he explains what he is doing, and what the results, we are 6 year patients , and never anything unnecessary is done, we had several root canals done and today started an implant, resonable priced and quoted up front.
Thank you Dr Zuman and team

~ Piet Wigmans

As someone who is terrified of the dentist, I can honestly say that Dr. Zuman is simply the best. He did extensive work in my mouth over several days and I never felt a thing while in his chair. His staff are all wonderful and kind, gentle and patient. I am extrordinarily glad I found him. He is not the least expensive, and he is worth every penny, still being far more affordable than the US equivalent. I highly recommend Dr. Zuman for anyone looking to get dental work in Los Algadones.

~ Corinne McLuckie

We love Dr. Zuman, in Algondones. Mexico. He is a short walk over the Andrade Border Crossing.

He is very knowledgeable, caring and uses other professionals if he doesn't have unique equipment.
My husband and I have used him for quite a few procedures, including implants. Today I needed a sinus augmentation.

~ Carolyn Andrews

It was a nice experience. They were very professional. I had two crowns and a cavity to be taken care of. They did the work in 24 hours. And if I were to go to any dentist in Huntington Beach, it would have cost me almost triple.

~ Gary Gordon

Today Dr. Zuman placed three implants. The wait time was zero and I was immediately seen. The surgical process was time consuming and reasonably comfortable as I can be a very apprehensive patient, at age 68. I was offered sedation but I declined.

I have been seeing Dr. Zuman for five years or so and I am pleased with his empathy, sensitivity and expertise. He is worth the drive to Los Algodones as his prices are very reasonable and he is one of the international pioneers in dental implants. The end results speak for themselves…..and I am sure other patients as well…….Attractive teeth to be proud of !
And an expert dentist to brag about!

~ Alan Lawrence

Dr. Zuman is a great dentist. We've used him for several years, and have been pleased. The young women that staff his office are efficient, polite and skillful. They are gentle but quick when working in my mouth 👍

~ E.P. Lair

I posted this on Facebook to share with my friends. It will serve well as my review of Fine Quality Dental. I'm currently in Yuma, AZ for the winter -

I had a fractured tooth pulled in October by my dentist in Dansville, NY. She told me a three unit bridge (1 full pontic and 2 anchor crowns) would cost a little over $3000. I declined because I knew I could have it done in Los Algodones, Mexico, a 15 minute drive from Yuma, for much less. Today I had a new porcelain fused to metal permanent bridge installed on my third visit to Fine Quality Dental. The first was an initial consultation/exam and the second was the prep work. My experience with Dr. Charles Zuman and his assistants was excellent from beginning to end. I researched his and other clinics in detail prior to selecting him. The bridge and procedure is as good as could be obtained in the US. Its total cost was $750.

If Dr. Zuman practiced in my home area I would switch to him as my dentist even if he charged American prices for regular services. If any of you are facing expensive dental work there are places outside the US where you can get equal quality work for less than a third of the cost.

~ Steve Tuttle

Dr. Zuman is a pro. Had some extractions that were pretty extensive and he took his time and did a great job. Kept me comfortable which is not always easy. I was a little nervous coming to Algodones he was the second of three I was considering to do the work. I skipped the third appointment after visiting his office. I chose right!

~ Ken Bowles

This is a long post and I don’t comment or do social media but with so much going on in the world today, I felt my dentist deserved this post. I have been seeing Dr. C. Zuman and staff for over 7 years. He still has the same staff which speaks volumes as a leader in the industry and for those of you who are looking to go down there and find a great DDS, I totally would recommend him.

He is no nonsense, talks to you, listens to you, and will give you his personal recommendations. I have been to several dentists due to different duty stations and when I was looking for a dentist to meet my standards and expectations…he was and still continues to be my choice. His passion in his work speaks volumes and the best in my lifetime.

He actually got his degree in Mexico City but his advance education was in the States. He is an implantologist by education and a great dentist... His company is called FINE QUALITY DENTAL.. he has the most updated machinery, and is so clean... He does what he says and he keeps his promises... If he says he is open then he is. He actually lives in the States.. not in Mexico and speaks perfect English, (actually speaks 5 languages).

He won't do any additional work that you do not need and will discuss what he thinks you need with you before he does anything. Even shows you charts, molds, pictures etc.

A very honorable, decent, compassionate human being. His staff meets the same qualities as well. dc

~ Donna Covarrubias

I’m a very neurotic patient but in spite of it all much dental surgery was done and now I have beautiful restored teeth. Dr. Zuman offers superior quality dentistry at reasonable, affordable prices.

I drive down to see him from Palm Springs…a two and half hour drive, near Yuma, Arizona, in Los Algodones. The border town is safe and very observant of Covid19. Completely safe and protected.

Bring your passport. I just returned today, my second trip this week. There is a nice hotel Casino on the US side with a beautiful pool, delicious food, etc if you decided to stay over or stop for lunch/dinner.

~ Alan Lawrence, MSW, LCSW

Dr. Zuman has been taking care of my husband’s dental needs for nearly 4 years, a full mouth of implants and we are very satisfied. We drive 3 hours each way to get to Fine Quality Dental, a really long drive but totally worth our time and energy. Another plus is that he was recommended to us by our local dentist, and we couldn’t be happier.

~ Devera Greger

Fine Quality Dental lives up to its name! I had a root canal and cavities filled all in a swift, clean, and professional manner. The staff is caring, warm, and friendly. They even applied vaseline to my dry lips! The prices can't be beat!

~ Tzery Goldstein

Save all the shopping around for a good dentist, been there done that!

I Live in the US and I need that to get gum surgery and some implants and I was surprised that for last than a half of the price, and after shopping around in Mexico, I was able to get a very Professional and caring dentist that also speaks English fluently.

I received exceptional service from the crow. I loved it, and I'll definitely recommend it.

~ Shlomo Horowitz

I traveled from New Jersey to experience first hand what an amazing, professional, knowledgeable dentist Dr Zuman is . I was at first reluctant to make the trip but after experiencing my first day in his friendly office I am confident I made the right decision. I need extensive dental work including several implants and I am in the best hands with Dr Zuman and his wonderful staff.

~ Toby Wiederman

Luckily we don't have quite as far to travel to get to your office as many of your patients do. We are very happy we only have a two and a half hour drive. Dr Zuman is a very good dentist. He has several well trained assistants who have been with him for years. We feel that we are being well cared for.

~ Danna Mabey

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